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There is a lantern that sits on a table next to me in this dark room.
Ive been put here for days, I don’t know where, I don’t know by who.
There is a floor of gravel that digs beneath my bare bleeding feet.
There is a door locked shut from the other side, the only word on it is “MEAT.”
Ive forgotten what hunger is in this deep dark hole.
How long I have been here I don’t really know.
Its been so long yet I do not think I have slept.
Yet nightmares and memories have come and at those I have wept.
This concrete ceiling that hangs above me, I know its sliding down.
I’ve been trying to track the path of its descent somehow.
My thoughts have become broken I think I may have gone mad.
I keep seeing things that are not there and remembering things I never had.
They have left me plenty of oil to keep this old lantern.
I wonder how big the fire would be and just how long I would burn?
It may be the only answer, I cannot take much more.
I cry out in rebellion but no one hears me beyond the Door.



  1. This one I did simply as a fictional horror setting.

  2. Powerful stuff!

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