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The Gemini Moon burns the sky this dark night.
It reveals a dark shadow in the glorious light of life.
It moves between the spaces of time and spite.
This Gemini Moon walks with Old Death tonight.
It hangs in the sky like the song of the Piper’s Pipe.
It drives the feet forward with clenched fists of might.
It whispers sweet promises with the Priest’s insight.
And it breaks the spirit of the Godlike Christ.
So I walk with my shadow on this cold night.
The touch of the moon falls to reveal a new light,
A hidden persona kept from natures sight
A burning ember, a growing fire, burning bright
That will forever be kept in the soul’s Tomb of Strife.

Rich Brewer



  1. Gemini Moon is quite obviously the darker sides of ourselves that we have to control. Gemini is a symbol that stands for two sides, which we all have. Its a universal trait of humanity. We have the side we show the world and then we have the side that only our dearest know of. Its something we all have to contend with and I wanted to express this by saying even Christ had this darker side to him that he had to face and defeat. Anyways hope you enjoy.

  2. I never would have instinctively felt that the Gemini moon would have such a dark feel… but I have to say after reading this poem it felt very natural to me. Great job!

  3. I always have issues when the moons in Gemini. i think with the past 4 or 5 times ive been able to actually tell Bill when it is and it be confirmed by him. My personality completely changes. My moons in gemini though so that probably has something to do with it.

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