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Old Dog

There’s an old dog that sits outside and watches me.
I can see him through the windows or when I peek through the screen.
I can only guess its purpose or if he has intent
He barked at me once but I’m not sure what it meant.
My wife says he’s harmless, just a lonely old dog
She says it to me as I see him through the early fog.
I’m not sure what bothers me, whether it is curiosity or fear.
But those old dogs eyes sends shivers through my spine whenever it is near.
It is always there sniffing the air; morning, day, and night.
Searching for an answer to an unknown question, feeding my childlike fright.
There’s an old dog that sits outside and watches me you see
But things are going to change this time, to confront it is the key.
Ill walk down to that waters edge I will take my bravery to the ledge
And we will see just who jumps on that strange October night.
For me and this dog are connected somehow, an answer hidden from light
And if its Old Scratch then Ill be back after paying that horrible price.

Rich Brewer

The Blind Man in a Valley of Crows

A Blind Man walks in a Valley of Crows,
His feet bare and broken, but his soul hard as stone.
The Blind man needs no words nor sight,
He wanders forever in the eternal long night.

A Blind Man sleeps in a Valley of Crows,
His dreams of people he has never known.
They smile and cry and laugh and beg,
They dance and They fall until They are dead.

A Blind Man prays in a Valley of Crows,
He holds onto a faith that has left him alone.
There is no answer of hope nor despair,
Just the cold dark eyes from a black crow’s stare.

A Blind Man dies in a Valley of Crows,
They caw and they peck and tear at his bones.
They have waited long for this cold night,
For the Blind Mans death will finally bring him sight.

Rich Brewer

So this is the first Blog I have ever done but wanted an outlet for random writings and the such. Hope you enjoy, more to come.



  1. I’m loving your new blog! You’ve done a great job with it and with your poetry!

  2. Where are the fecking cartoons?

    • lol im gathering all the broken paddle cartoons and puttins them up on Facebook next week

  3. I will also put art and other things up here. If anyone would like to share something they have written please do. I haven’t written poetry in years. I use to write all the time in high school and even some after but it kind of fell to the wayside after some rough times.Poetry is odd that way, it can be a great outlet yet at the same time if the subject is too painful you can find yourself pushing the written word away so you can hide from those emotions. I’m glad I could reconnect with this part of myself.

    Some background on Old Dog
    I wrote this early in the morning while sitting there drinking coffee in October. I don’t really know where it came from but I did think of an Old Dog and didnt intend for it to be a metaphor but after reading it I can see that it was and a very strong one at that. The Old Dog is the darker side of myself that wants to be a loner and push everything away and its always just sitting there on the peripheral of my thoughts. Watching and waiting for a moment to come out. We all have our old dogs after all, we just need to make sure they don’t escape the leash.

    As for Blind Man, this one was the first poem I had written in a very long time. The phrase Blind man in a valley of crows, came up one night while talking with a close friend when I was explaining how blind I was to a certain situation. Since then the phrase kept bouncing around in my head until I simply had to let it out. I also plan on there being a picture I’m going to draw up to go along with this poem. Anyways thats it, Ill have up more soon. Ive already got a couple more dancing up in my head ready to get out. All you fb friends keep an eye out for my Broken Paddle cartoons which may end up here as well. Ive been doing a small farside like comic for years now in a local paper so I got plenty of em on their way.

  4. WOW!! You are awesome!! Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Also i got a question about the Old Scratch reference. Old Scratch is another nickname for the devil. I think i first encountered it in John Carpenters Prince of Darkness and have since seen it in some old stories. So i looked up Old Scratch and it is an old folk tale name for the devil. Was around civil war, pre civil war era.

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